Why You Should Choose our Physio-Led-Pilates Classes Over Your Everyday Class

Physio led pilates classes

First of all, what’s the difference between regular pilates and physio-led pilates? Regular pilates is taught by qualified instructors that teach a certain type of movement. There are some instances however where a pilates instructor may not be able to advise on the right type of movement for your body, especially where you experience any discomfort, pain or injury.

Physio-led pilates classes not only give you the advantages of a regular pilates class but also allow for more tailored and individualised treatment during each session. Taking part in a class run by a professional physiotherapist means they understand what’s going on inside the body and what exercises will help or hinder you the most. 

Phyiso-led Pilates, Dublin

Finding a physio-led pilates class near you used to be a chore however it is becoming more and more popular with physical therapists in Ireland. Our physio-led classes are curated for you to get the most out of your body and its range of motion in a relaxed, professional and fun way. 

Taking part in these classes means getting the benefits of a physiotherapist and those ab-tightening pilates moves all in one go.

Whether you are totally new to exercise or an elite-level athlete, we tailor our approach so that you work just beyond your comfort zone. Physio-led pilates really is beneficial for everyone. 

Physio-Led Pilates and Injuries

Undergoing any exercise while injured should only be done if you have the go-ahead from your medical practitioner. If you have suffered an injury that needs attention you can book a physiotherapy appointment with the Be Well Physio team and we will make sure that we tailor your treatment to facilitate the fastest recovery possible. 

Once you have seen us for a physiotherapy consultation, we will then let you know if a physio-led pilates class would be the best exercise for strength and recovery or not. Either way, we will prescribe the optimum treatment to get you back on your feet. 

The Science Behind Physio-Led Pilates

A study conducted within the NHS in 2020 found that pilates was a popular form of treatment with physiotherapists in the UK. 

The study showed that physiotherapists identified many positive effects of pilates for patient care including a reduction in fear avoidance within recovery, improved bodily awareness and increased strength. Practitioners also agreed that daily practice of such exercises would provide optimum benefits both during and after recovery. 

In a nutshell, physio-led pilates doesn’t just benefit your body and mind in terms of exercise, the classes can actually aid in improving your body’s function and prevent injury. 

Physio-Led Pilates at Be Well Physio

Choosing what exercise to commit your time to can be tough. In a world where nothing ever seems to slow down, our spare time is precious so it makes sense to try and combine your efforts where possible.

By choosing our pilates classes, you are not only exercising and taking time for yourself, but you are also making sure that your body is getting the care it deserves. Our expert physios are trained in conducting these classes so they ensure that everybody in each session is getting the most out of their time. 

If you have any questions about our classes or wish to sign up, just head to our website or get in touch. Our team is always happy to help.