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Be Well Physio is a leading provider of physiotherapy solutions. We have all the necessary facilitates at our Dublin clinic to help you achieve your goals sooner.

I’ve been doing the Physio led PT sessions for over 6 months now, I find it very good. I feel better than ever before and it has helped bring my park run times down! The guys are there with you all the time making sure everything is done correctly. Highly recommend!
- John
Our 15 year old son had one to one sessions at Be Well Physio. He attended for about 1.5 years. Sessions were mixed focusing on core, weights, becoming body conscious and focusing on eating well. Our son’s physique and posture improved during his time. We watched him grow in confidence over his time there. He loved going. We highly recommend these sessions for young people. Great set up and good location. Seán & Barry are highly trained motivated people. Well done and thank you!
- Sinead
If you want to use the gym but don't know where to start, contact Be Well Physio. Seán & Barry will introduce you to the techniques and Gym equipment that allows you to train with confidence.🏋🏽‍♂️
- James
After recovering from a back injury I wanted to make sure I was lifting weights the right way to protect my back. Whilst at the same time strengthening the muscles that needed it. Physio led personal training seemed like the ideal solution. In the 1:1 PT sessions, I received great encouragement and support to achieve my goals and was challenged to push myself each week. Would recommend.
- Aisling
Found it very useful, informative and beneficial. Can really feel the difference when playing matches.
- Enda
I can't recommend Seán and team from Be Well enough. I attended them initially for a back strain. He offers a very professional service and his experience is evident from how well I felt afterwards. Great advice for exercises and aftercare.
- Chris
I am so grateful to have been introduced to Seán @ Be Well Physio, who treated my knee injury in a professional and friendly manner, restoring full ease of movement. His holistic approach to Total Physical and Mental Wellness has motivated me to strive for personal excellence. Under his care and direction I continue to regain strength, tone, and posture and joy in movement. I have no hesitation in recommending Be Well Physio.
- Cathy
I have been seeing Seán as required since I started running from scratch 10 years ago at the age of 47. Seán has always sorted every issue for me (and there were plenty of injuries, especially in the earlier years). Sometimes recovery was slower than I would have liked but that was always either because I didn’t go to Seán soon enough - or I didn’t follow his general advice to “mix things up a bit”. Seán always listens and also understands that when a race is planned you really need to run it - so I have always got there in the end with good teamwork😀.
- Catherine
I went to Seán with bad back pain coming from 2 slipped discs in my lower back, coming from years of sitting at a desk, martial arts and weightlifting. I had worked on this with several physios and Osteopaths in the past but to no avail, as the pain kept returning. Throughout several months of rehab, Seán helped me build my glute and back strength up from scratch. His understanding of muscle movement and treatment is the best I have experienced from any physio. His work with me even today means that I can lead an active lifestyle without impacting my day to day life. I couldn't recommend him more!
- Anthony
Seán has been my physio for 9 years. I have had serious issues with my back and neck due to old injuries. I rely on Seán for all my physio needs. He has kept me moving. I tell anyone who needs a physio that he is the one. I have even sent 4 family members and have all been very happy. Can’t recommend him highly enough!
- Eimear
Seán is genuinely the most effective physio I've ever used. I am attending Be Well Physio on and off since 2015 and 7 years later I would never use anyone else. He cares about his patients and his first priority is to their speedy recovery. Highly recommended and I will continue using his services for as long as needed.
- Adam
Seán got me back playing football after years away. Chronic ankle pain after a previous injury. No more pain and I'm losing weight too
- Owen
Hi Sean,
I just wanted to say a big “Thank you” for the treatments I received with you recently. As I had not had any physiotherapy treatments prior to this, I was a little apprehensive as to how it would go.
However, I needn’t have worried. Your patience, kindness and professionalism made It a very easy journey for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seán at Be Well Physio to anyone who needs a Physiotherapist.
- Moira
I’d highly recommend the Physio Led Pilates classes with Be Well Physio. I find they have made a real difference to my core strength, posture and overall fitness.
- Rose
Really enjoy these pilates classes. It's rewarding to feel the progression in strength, flexibility and controlled breathing over time. Barry explains every exercise and the benefits of each very clearly!
- Adelene
I have used the Cryo Baths for the last number of years. I have always found them to be of great benefit to my performance!
- Jonny Cooper
The cryo bath has been a huge asset to me for recovery over the past couple of years. Helps to speed up getting the body back to a fresh state after the hard sessions!
- Evan Comerford
I often use Seán’s Cryobaths around heavy training schedules to help with my recovery. I find them incredibly beneficial and it’s something I’ve implemented into my recovery routine, and an additional method to help with injury prevention.
- Paddy Small
Would highly recommend Cryo to anyone who is serious about their sport or anyone who is recovering from a muscular injury. It’s great for sore muscles after training or a match and really speeds up the recovery process.
- Thomas Norton
The Pilates sessions with Be Well Physio is probably the best fitness decision I ever made. Totally changed my physique and decreased the amount of muscle strains I was having each year. The steady increase in difficulty over the 6 weeks of sessions works really well.
Very engaging and very professional.
Do it!
- Peter
I have been taking Pilates Classes over Zoom with BeWell Physio since November 2020. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough. I have gained in strength, flexibility and range of motion. Niggling aches and pains that bothered me before are much rarer now. The guys push you to do better without being pushy. An affordable and time efficient way of taking care of your body.
- Anurag
My 16 Yr old daughter attends Physio Led PT in Be Well Physio....she really enjoys the sessions which she finds to be very beneficial for her overall fitness level, stamina and avoidance of injuries. Highly recommend!
- Marie Clare
I’ve been using the cryo baths for the last 3 years and cannot understate how valuable they have been to my recovery and physical well being. Would highly recommend athletes to add cryo baths to their recovery protocols.
- Dean Rock


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