What Is Cryotherapy Used For?

What Is Cryotherapy Used For?

Cryotherapy, otherwise known as cold therapy, uses cold temperatures to assist in physical health and healing. At Be Well Physio we offer cryotherapy in ten-minute sessions, ideal for busy people on the go or during your lunch break. 

You may have heard of Wim Hoff, also known as the Ice Man. He is a Dutch motivational speaker and ultra-athlete recognised for his unrivalled ability to withstand very low temperatures.

He has become hugely popular online for the promotion of cryotherapy and its positive influence not just on our bodies but also on our mental health. Seriously, look him up! He is living proof of the extreme benefits of cryotherapy. After all, seeing is believing.

As cryotherapy makes waves in the well-being industry, it is also being used as rehab therapy for football clubs worldwide such as Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Manchester United. 

However this therapy is not just for athletes, it is something that benefits everyone, no matter how much or how little exercise is being done.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?


When you first come to Be Well Physio we escort you to the cryo area. Here you will step into the machine (please bring your swimmers and a towel) which looks like a plunge pool. Booties are provided. 

To start you will submerge to waist level and then when you’re feeling more comfortable, you can submerge up to your neck. The machine is set between 8-10 degrees C (45 – 50 degrees F). We will be there with you during your session to talk you through it and answer any questions.

The machine then stops automatically after 10 minutes. You step out, dry off and on you go back to your regular day.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy 

What Is Cryotherapy Used For?


No matter what you read, the benefits of cryotherapy can only truly be felt when you give it a go yourself. 

If you are physically active, cryotherapy is great for recovery between training sessions, managing DOMS after some heavy lifts, and post-game rehab. The cold temperatures speed up your body’s recovery time, getting you back to peak fitness quicker. 

Cryotherapy has many benefits for people from all walks of life and for those suffering from injury or chronic pain. Cryotherapy can work wonders in the rehabilitation of muscle injuries such as pulls and tears. 

This video by Andrew Huberman explains how safe cold exposure has powerful effects on our mind and body, enabling us to prevent injury and heal quicker when injury occurs. He has also found that it is very beneficial for those who wish to lose weight. He states that exposure to cold therapy one to five times a week can aid fat loss significantly, burning up to 800 calories in one session. 

Furthermore, cryotherapy has been proven to positively affect people suffering from anxiety or depression, boosting people’s mood and getting those endorphins flowing.

How To Start Cryotherapy

Living in Dublin? Well, then there’s no need to Google “cryotherapy near me” because we’re right here in the capital too!

If you’re thinking about starting cryotherapy but have some questions, we’re happy to offer advice over Whatsapp so don’t be afraid to send us a text or give us a call. We prioritise the education of our clients as well as the provision of expert therapies. 

You can book a block of four sessions for €60 or try a single session for €20. We also offer club and team discounts.