Tips for Avoiding Injuries While Exercising

Tips for Avoiding Injuries While Exercising

Exercise, eat, repeat. If only it was that simple. Our bodies need care. They are complex machines and within our mechanics lies a need for balance. Optimum health will not be found in doing constant exercise, in fact, that is exactly where you will encounter the injuries you are trying to avoid. 

If you find you are getting injured more easily and regularly during exercise, stop and book a physio appointment. You can learn injury prevention exercises for home but if you’re in pain now, the injury has already occurred so it is important to get it checked.

Physio is not just somewhere you go to get a cure, it is the perfect place to get to know your body to stop injuries from occurring. You can book a physio assessment with us or just WhatsApp any questions you have to +353 (0)87 754 0809 – we’re always here to help.

Now let’s get to it. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or just like to get involved now and then here are some tips to avoid injury while exercising. 

Vary Your Training Sessions

In order to prevent injury, it is best to avoid doing the same exercises continuously. Vary your sessions and training loads to work with different muscle groups. For example, avoid running on consecutive days, and mix in some strength training and lighter impact work such as swimming or bodyweight exercises.

Recovery Is Key

Exercising every day may seem like a great idea but we’re here to tell you it’s not. Think of your body as a car. If you drive, and drive, and keep on driving without ever stopping for fuel, you’re going to come to an unwelcome stop. Even if you do manage to pull in and fill up quickly, chances are the engine will overheat, the fan belt will give out, or your oil will drop too low. 

Your body needs tending to. To achieve your fitness goals, you must also prioritise rest and recovery. By this we mean get your 8 hours sleep, attend recovery sessions such as physio, cryo spa sessions, take cold showers and use a foam roller. If you care for your body, you are less likely to become injured during exercise. 

Eat Well

Eating is not just a part of recovery, it is a necessary part of survival. Even if you never exercise a day in your life you would still need to eat. 

It goes without saying if you’re exercising you need to ensure your diet consists of enough nutrient-rich food, and that you’re consuming enough calories. If you don’t look after your diet, just like the car, you won’t be able to run on empty for very long. 

On that note, it pays to be aware that physical injury is not the only consequence of poor nutrition. Without the right foods in our system, we are vulnerable to mental and emotional strain as well. 

What Are The Most Common Causes of Exercise Injuries?

Be Well Physio offers a wide range of services but every day we are met with numerous sports injury prevention exercises. 

Over Training

Taking on too much too soon is a sure way to get injured. You need to ease your body into a new exercise routine so it can get used to its new way of moving. 

Unsuitable Footwear

Need we say more? Invest in good quality footwear, a nice snug fitting shoe with decent shock absorption. Always try to look for runners with a removable insole as this will allow you to insert any custom orthotics where required. 

It is also a good idea to have two pairs of training shoes on the go, alternating them for each session. This gives them breathing time before use, preserving the life of the shoe. 

Muscle Imbalances 

Weakness and/or tightness in certain muscle groups can cause pain and distress. Physio is a great way to work these out and prevent flare-ups in the future. 

Inadequate Recovery

No matter the exercise you do, your body needs time to recover. If you wish to train regularly then do so 5-6 days a week with 1-2 rest days, and include light walks or pool jogging on each. 

Inadequate Warm Up

Everything needs time to wake up. When heading into a workout give your body enough time to adapt by stretching and doing gentle injury prevention exercises.

Be Well Physio is a professional and passionate team of experts and we thrive not only in educating our clients but continuously bettering ourselves as well. We take pride in having our patients fully informed about their body’s mechanics and how best to maximise them. 

Booking a physio session means you can make more informed training decisions and take better care of your body and mind.