How Many Times Per Week Should I Exercise?

how long should a workout be

Often when we think of exercise we think of sweaty, hardcore workouts that take a lot of time and preparation. Yes, many people work up a sweat but this stereotype can also put lots of people off exercising altogether.

There are many different types of workouts; slow, fast, movement-based, and strength-based, and discovering what type of exercise is for you and striking a balance is important.

Ideally, you need a mixture of strength and cardio exercises. Flexibility and mobility should be included in every routine. Making mobility part of your warm-up with light cardio and then moving on to strength work and finishing again with cardio, is one method we like to prescribe at Be Well Physio

Stretching is a must when working out but can also be done separately on rest days.

Physiotherapy and Exercise

No matter your workout routine, physiotherapy is an important part of keeping yourself physically fit. Though physio itself will not count as one of your workouts, we will recommend specific rehabilitative and recovery exercises which should be worked into your daily exercises.

It is also important to remember that after a physio session, at first, your body may feel more tender than before. However, once your body resets, you’ll feel those much-needed benefits. 

Cryotherapy and Exercise

Cryotherapy may not be a workout but it does burn fat and has many other health benefits. We recommend cryotherapy for post-workout recovery, mindfulness, joint or muscle pain, and enhanced performance. 

Wim Hoff, an advocate for the mental and physical benefits of cold therapy is proof of how amazing these sessions can be. 

How Much Exercise Should I Do A Day?

It’s not so much a matter of how much you do but more about what you do. Often we get asked questions like, “how long does it take to get fit?” or “how long should a workout be?” When really what you need to be looking at is the activity itself and your consistent participation over a long period of time. 

There is no 30-minute workout that will help you achieve all of your goals. It’s about exercising each and every day and slowly seeing long-lasting and healthy results. For the average person with a sedentary-slightly active job, we advise working out a minimum of three times per week, ideally five times. 

Remember, this is not about getting all hot and bothered and sweating until you pass out. The exercise you do on these days can vary in intensity and be planned in a way that you find enjoyable. 

With the exception of those loose physical activity guidelines, finding the best workout routine for you may be easier with the help of a professional. You don’t need to commit to spending money every week but paying for a once-off consultation can make all the difference and will give you a little confidence boost at the same time. 

Be Well Physio always conducts tailored and personal health assessments. To find out more you can send us a WhatsApp, give us a call or get in touch via our website