Cryotherapy Services for Rugby Players in Dublin

Cryotherapy is being recognised as the best cold therapy for high-performance athletes.

“Cryotherapy is 10x better than the cold tub. It’s been phenomenal for my recovery. Now, I’m not sore during or after games because I’m doing the right things to take care of my body.” – Justin Anderson, NBA Forward

What are the benefits?

men tackling on a rugby field

What are the benefits?

Session Info

Our sessions last for only 10 minutes so you can get in and out on your lunch break!
No special equipment is required besides your own towel. Socks are provided on-site.
We ask that you avoid wearing fake tan or cotton clothing.

How many times per month should rugby players use the cryo-bath?

If injured: can be used daily in the early stages (acute phase) to manage inflammation. If not injured: 1-2 times per week

What our customers say

Be Well Physio
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Kevin KellyKevin Kelly
18:29 30 Mar 22
Sean is a brilliant physio and a brilliant person. Would recommend to anyone.
Eoin KennyEoin Kenny
12:09 22 Feb 22
I'd 4 visits with Sean a couple of years ago with back and shoulder trouble. I'd been in a car accident 10 months prior. Some days were worse than others. The reason I arrived at Sean's clinic was I'd 2 weeks of very bad pains and was unable to work. Long story short is after my 4 weeks with Sean I haven't suffered once with shoulder or back pain. Which is far better than I expected! Thank you.
Andy BullAndy Bull
16:46 02 Dec 20
It has almost been 2 years since I first sought Sean's advice.I was doing Parkrun (5km) and every 2-3 months I would have a lot of pain in my shins and have to take a few weeks off my weekly 5km run.Sean was excellent. I have to admit I was nervous about how many sessions I would be told I needed, but after about 6 he told me to keep doing what I was doing, keep in touch with him for any advice/niggles and he only needed to see again me if something changed.I have had a few other 'one off' appointments since then to get Sean to fit inserts in to new running shoes and things like that.But in the last 18 months, or so, I haven't had any issues. In fact I have gone on to run longer and longer distances, culminating with a recent half marathon distance - all trouble free.I'm delighted with his help, advice, and consider it fantastic value in terms of what results I got for my money.Thank you Sean.
Ciaran LarkinCiaran Larkin
22:01 10 Jul 20
I visited Sean as I was having a lot of trouble with my knee. After a very professional assessment i was giving a exercise planWithin a few weeks and follow up checks. I was back to full health, I would highly recommend Be well physio
craig hopkinscraig hopkins
15:17 16 Apr 19
I have Used Be well countless times over the past few years (injury prone) . Sean has treated me for a wide range of issues from muscle tears to flexibility issues . His clinic is spotless and of a really high and modern standard , on a personal note Sean himself is a gent and extremely polite and welcoming and he Is amazing at what he does . He’s even on occasions texted me with advise on preparing for a game when I’m carrying a small niggle or knock. I look forward to using his services again ( not too much hopefully ) 10/10

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