1. How soon can I get an appointment?
You will be offered the next available appointment (quite often this is the same or next day). Early treatment means a quicker recovery.

2. Will I be treated in my first consultation?
Yes. Our main concern is our clients well being. We aim to relieve your pain or discomfort as soon as possible, we achieve this by offering immediate treatment. Your first visit will incorporate the initial assessment and treatment. A detailed history of your present condition and medical status will be taken, followed by a methodical and thorough clinical examination. The diagnosis of your presenting condition will be discussed and together your treatment plan will be established.

3. How long do treatments last?
Generally sessions last for approximately 30 minutes.

4. Will I be given exercises?
Exercises are often an integral element to achieving a full recovery. Most clients will be given exercises at the end of each session to do in between treatments to optimise the recovery process. We always give advice on the management of conditions. Custom made exercise materials are also available.

5. Do I need a GP referral?
A GP referral is not necessary. If you have a GP referral you are more than welcome to present it to us alongside any MRIs or X-rays you may have.

6. I have Private Medical Insurance, am I covered with you?
Yes. We are recognised by all major insurance companies in Ireland. Just check your own policy for its terms and conditions.

7. When do I pay for my treatments?

Payment is made on the day of each treatment. Receipts are given after each treatment session for tax or health insurance companies. Current payment methods accepted; cash or cheque.

8. Do you know how many treatments I will need?
Whilst each patient is an individual, following your first appointment the Chartered Physiotherapist will discuss the anticipated number of treatments. You will be reassessed on each visit.

9. Will I be expected to do anything in between treatments?
You will be expected to carry out the appropriate exercises in between sessions if advised by your physiotherapist. We always give advice on the management of conditions and exercises.

10. Can I have a Home Visit?
Home visits are available. Please call 087 6199176 for more details.

11. What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is much more than massage and covers a diverse array of treatment methods to reduce pain and restore function. At Be Well Physio, our chartered physiotherapists are experts in identifying your problems and use a variety of expert techniques to rehabilitate you back to full health. We also believe that prevention is just as important as cure, and offer specialised advice to help you manage and maintain optimal health and fitness.

12. What does a Chartered Physiotherapist mean?
The title “Chartered Physiotherapist” and the initials MISCP indicate that a physiotherapist is a member of the professional regulating body, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. Chartered Physiotherapists have the high level of education, knowledge and experience needed to give a high quality and effective service to patients.

When you attend a Chartered Physiotherapist, you can be sure of a professional, scientific approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your complaint and a therapist who has qualified with a University degree and who is committed to continuing education and research.
Chartered Physiotherapists are recognised and covered by VHI, Quinn Healthcare, Aviva and other health insurance schemes.

13. What conditions are treated?
Click here to view Conditions treated.

14. Where can I park?

Free parking is available at both locations.

15. What shall I wear?
During your initial assessment, the Physiotherapist will need to examine areas of your body adjacent to the problem area to ensure that nothing is missed that could be important. We ask you to dress appropriately. If you are attending for assessment and treatment of lower back, hip, knee and ankle joints please bring a pair of shorts. This will allow your chartered physiotherapist to examine your biomechanics and posture. For neck, upper back and shoulder conditions a loose fitted top is required.

16. I think I have damaged my ankle, if I need a brace/splint can you source it for me?
Yes, if it is the case that you require an off the shelf device we can order that for you or if it is a case where you require one to be custom made for you we can refer you to the appropriate people.

17. How do I get a copy of my chart?
Should you wish to obtain a copy of your physiotherapy chart we will require the following: A signed letter detailing your name and address & any previous ones that may be on your chart and also your date of birth for identification purposes. We require this letter at least 24 hours prior to sending out your chart.

18. Why choose Be Well Physio?
Be Well Physio specialises in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain. We also specialise in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. All our chartered physiotherapists have specific expertise in the management of these conditions.

19. Do I have to make an appointment or can I just drop in?
We run an appointment only service. Appointments can be made by calling 087 6199176 or emailing info@bewellphysio.ie